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Best astrologer in Punjab Remedies to remove hindrances in marriage, getting interrupted in marriage is not a big deal. Some people think that what are the bad deeds they have done, due to which their marriage is getting so difficult. but it’s not like that.

There can be many reasons for the interruption in marriage, such as some kind of defect in the horoscope, the position of the planets is not favorable and there is a Manglik defect etc.

To deal with these problems, you should be aware of the remedies to remove obstacles in marriage. With the help of these simple steps, you can easily overcome all the obstacles coming in marriage-

These easy remedies and tips will remove all the problems coming in marriage


To remove the obstruction in marriage, pouring water in the root of Peepal tree for 13 consecutive days is beneficial.

Whenever boys come to see a girl, she should keep her hair open. At such times, the girl should always wear red clothes. For the remedy to remove the obstruction in marriage, the boys should always leave by feeding them sweets.

If there is any kind of Manglik defect in the horoscope, then reciting Chandika Stotra on every Tuesday removes the obstacles in marriage.

To remove the obstruction in marriage, 108 circumambulation should be done around the banyan tree on the full moon night.

If there is any kind of hindrance in the marriage of young men / women, then they should be in contact with more and more yellow clothes. If it is not possible to wear yellow colored clothes daily, then keep a yellow handkerchief with you at all times. Apart from this, only a yellow sheet should be placed on your sleeping bed.

Most powerful mantra for marriage

The most powerful mantra for marriage, many types of mantras have been given in our texts, with the help of which we can easily face even the biggest difficulties of our life.

Often some people start getting upset due to lack of marriage, it is because they do not know the solution to these problems. Such people should use the most powerful mantra for marriage-

Men who are not getting married can try this recipe of the most powerful mantra for marriage. For this, this mantra of Durga Saptashati should be recited 11 times every morning with purity.

Mantra-Patni Manoramaan Dehi Manovratnu Saariniam.

Tarinandurga Samarsagarasya Kulodbhavam

This mantra is very miraculous and starts showing its effect within a few days.

Similarly, the parents who are more worried about the life of their daughter or the girls who are worried because of not getting married, they can use the most powerful marriage mantra to get the groom.

Mantra – Om Shrim Var Praday Shri Naam.

This mantra should be chanted 108 times by offering five coconuts in the Shiva temple on Monday. You have to use the most powerful mantra for marriage every week until your relationship is confirmed.

tips to be successful in marriage

Ways to be successful in marriage, we feel that in today’s time the world has become very modern, but whenever there is talk of marriage, marriage etc., somewhere the thoughts and ideas of ancestors always come in the way. Those who want to do love marriage,

But if the family members are not agreeing, then the measures to be successful in marriage can be very useful for them. Let us know some easy ways to be successful in marriage, with the help of which any person can easily marry his lover / girlfriend and lead a happy life.

To be successful in marriage, girls should wear a topaz ring in their hand.

According to astrology, all the obstacles coming in the marriage of men who wear a diamond ring in their hand automatically get removed.

Radha and Krishna are considered to be the greatest examples of love. Both of them had selflessly in love with each other from the heart. The following mantra should be chanted on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha to be successful in marriage.

Mantra- Keshavi Keshavaradhya Kishori hairstyle,

Rudra Rupa Rudra Murti: Rudrani Rudra Deity.

According to the day mentioned in front of the idol of Radha-Krishna, one rosary should be chanted i.e. 108 times. By doing this, within three months, the auspicious coincidence of marriage becomes.

Marriage problem solution

Solution of marriage problem, marriage problem has become a very big problem in today’s time. Some people are not getting married, then some are getting upset due to getting spoiled daughter-in-law or son-in-law. In such a situation, by adopting solutions to solve the problem of marriage, you can completely change your life-

Those people whose marriage is continuously getting delayed, they should adopt this remedy on Thursday. For this, offer 5 sweets, two green cardamoms and two bananas to the Peepal tree at sunset. Also light a lamp of pure desi ghee. It is a surefire solution to the problem of marriage. Expert Baba Ji

To solve the problem of marriage, Mata Gauri and Lord Shankar should be worshipped. For this, while chanting the following mantra on every Monday, one should wish for the attainment of the desired husband/wife .

Mantra- O Gauri Shankarardhangi yatha tvam Shankarpriya.

And mother Kuru Kalyani Kanta Kanta Sudurlabham.

Chanting this mantra 121 times on every Monday will solve all the problems of marriage very soon.

Many times problems like delay in marriage start arising due to the wrong direction of our bedroom. Those wishing for early marriage should sleep in the room in the North-West direction (Vayavy angle) of the house. Apart from this, such young men/girls should never keep any iron object or garbage etc. under their bed.

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