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Money problems – Black magic specialist baba ji – Kala ilam

Money Vashikaran worship has great importance in life. It is often said that money is not everything in life, but it is equally true that money is a lot in life. You cannot even imagine living today’s life without money.

Money vashikaran puja

Money Vashikaran worship has great importance in life. It is often said that money is not everything in life, but it is equally true that money is a lot in life. You cannot even imagine living today’s life without money. If in spite of all your hard work and hard work, your destiny or the condition of your bad planets is keeping you away from money, then here we are telling some useful and surefire ways to get money in life. These remedies are simple as well as very effective.
Before going to sleep at night, you sleep like a merchant by counting the notes near you and request that money should come only to me, no matter which way you come. You come by the path which is right for you, oh wealth, you come thrice, come to me without harming anyone, I am ready to accept you.
On the sixth day of Navratri, offer soil, perfume, stones and curd to the root of the bael tree in the evening and the next day in the morning, pluck a small twig from the bael tree and bring it home and keep it in your vault, like this. By doing this you will get immense wealth and wealth.
According to the scriptures, on every full moon day at 10 am, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped on the Peepal tree. Therefore, the person who is financially troubled should go to the Peepal tree at this time, worship it, offer water, and worship Lakshmi ji and come after chanting a rosary of Lakshmi Mantra. Take 5 grains of black pepper off your head 7 times and throw 4 grains in all four directions and toss the fifth grain towards the sky. By doing this trick there will be sudden monetary gains.
For monetary gains, put some curd and vermilion on the grain of urad dal on Saturday evening and keep it under the peepal. When coming back, don’t look back. Start this action on Saturday itself and do it regularly on 7th Saturday, you will start getting money
To get sudden wealth, on Monday, go to the Mahadev temple located in the crematorium and offer pure honey mixed with milk.
Place a piece of camphor in a rose flower and burn camphor in the flower in the evening and offer the flower to the goddess, it can give you sudden wealth.
On Wednesday, first, donate some money to the eunuchs and then make some money from them as a blessing from them. Keep that coin at the place of worship, show incense sticks and wrap it in green cloth and keep it at the area of wealth.
Bring a picture of Lakshmi Ji sitting on a lotus, in which two elephants are lifting their trunk and sticking it on the door of your vault upwards. Money will start coming into the home.
Tie a silver flute in a red silk cloth and worship it like Lakshmi ji, then worship Lakshmi ji, then follow the path of Shri Sukta, then after a while pick up the flute and keep it in the place of wealth.
If you want to become wealthy, then do this tantric remedy on Wednesday. According to the remedy, take seven whole cows on Wednesday. The cowries are easily available at the shops of worship materials in the market. Along with this, take a handful of green standing moong. Tie both of them in a green cloth and keep them silently on the steps of a temple.
If you are troubled by lack of money. If all your efforts to earn money are in vain, then on Sunday or Monday, buy three brooms from the market and bring them. On the next day, in the Brahma Muhurta, retire from all daily activities and become pure. After this, keep all three brooms in a temple near your house. Keep in mind that no one should see you while carrying the broom and keeping the temple. If someone has seen you, then the effect of this remedy is likely to end. With this remedy, all the problems related to money will be removed soon.
If viable, always drink water in a silver vessel. If there is no silver instrument fill water in the glass and drink water by putting a silver ring in it. This is an ancient, easy, and very miraculous tantric remedy.. This certainly gives relief in cash-related matters. Putting mustard leaves in a pitcher filled with water and energizing this water, the diseases of any person who is given a bath, his poverty diseases are destroyed.
If the household expenses are not taking the name of reduction, then take black sesame in hand and throw it on the head of all the people of the house and throw it in the north information of the house. According to the remedy, after the moon comes out on Monday night, hammer silver nails in the four corners of your bed. Small silver nails can also be applied. This is a miraculous tantric remedy and it also destroys the negative energy around your house. Money problems start to go away.
By placing seven petals of a rose in the paan, offer the paan to the goddess, by this you will get wealth.
After lighting the lamp on the evening of Deepawali, put a picture of an owl in the vault or wherever you keep the money. There will be opportunities for financial gains throughout the year.
Wash 11 peepal leaves with Gangajal and offers it to Hanuman Ji by writing it with Ram Lal sandalwood 7 times on 7 Tuesdays.
Carry rice as much as you can to Lord Shiva temple on any Friday of the month of Shravan. Now offer as much rice as you can in both your hands to Shiva and pray to Lord Shiva to get wealth. The more Akshat’s grains are offered to Shiva, the same thousand times the result is obtained. Now distribute the remaining rice among the poor. This is a sure plan to earn cash.Thank you

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