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Vashikaran mantra for husband – Husband and wife relationship problem | Immediate vashikaran mantra – Height difference couples problem | Mohini vashikaran mantra for boyfriend

vashikaran tricks for husband of lal kitab

Most powerful vashikaran mantra in the world If you want to subdue someone and get your desired works done by him, today we are going to tell you the method and mantra to captivate your husband under the name Lal Kitab Sena Vashikaran. |Baba Ji is a famous name in the list of the Best astrologer in India 

Mantra Usage:-

canTo subdue anyone, the tricks of Lal Kitab Vashikaran are considered very suitable, you have to use it on 5 Fridays at any one time and take the name of the person in the middle of the mantra, whom you want to control, by this you can control anyone. It can be done very easily by photo or by name, but keep in mind that chanting this Vashikaran mantra should be done in a secluded place and special care should be taken that there should not be any obstacle while doing meditation and calming the mind.

Mantra:-Harim kurum pishachini (name of person) in vasiyam bhavanti.


This Vashikaran mantra usage should not be misused and if wrong thoughts come in your mind towards anyone, then this mantra will work in reverse due to which you may have to face problems. Therefore, this vashikaran should be used for good works.

Vashikaran tricks

:- If the love between your husband or wife has decreased, then remembering Lord Krishna, touch three cardamoms with your body and hide it somewhere on Friday, if you wear a sari, then keep it tied in your pallu and If you wear other clothes, you can keep it in a handkerchief on Saturday morning or mix cardamom with any dish and feed it to your husband, doing this on 3 Fridays, you will see the difference clearly and he will be completely under your control.Most powerful vashikaran mantra in the world

:- On Sunday of Shukla Paksha, keep 5 cloves in any place of the body where sweating occurs and after drying it, make powder and mix it in milk and give it to your husband, so that he will be under your control.

– By using the Vashikaran mantra given by Lal Kitab, you can control your husband, in this, he has to chant the Siddha Mantra 1100 hundred times and at the end of the mantra, feed your husband with this paan. Your husband will be completely under your control and will start working as per your statement.

Mantra :- Amukh jai jai sarvayamannamah swaha – After bathing in the morning in an auspicious time, wearing clean clothes and wearing a seat, this mantra is proved by chanting 10 rounds of Vashikaran mantra and after that by doing Havan Tarpan, then sweets are energized by Siddha Mantra. This has to be done for 21 days, after which the person who feeds this sweet will be in your control and you will say yes to me.

Mantra:- Om Namo Mahayakshinye Mama Pati Mein Vasya Kuru Kuru Swaha

– After waking up in the morning, wearing clean clothes, wearing white seat and chanting mantras for 21 days, your husband will be completely under your control. Before chanting, you must worship Lord Ganesha and Mother Durga, which makes the mantra perfect and proper. It gives fruits and the communication of love between husband and wife starts again.

Mantra:-O Gauri Shankaradharyagi yatva Shankarapriya Maa Kuru Kalyani Kanta Kanta Sudularbham.

:-Most powerful vashikaran mantra in the world If your husband does not listen to you, due to which you are not able to enjoy your married life and there is always discord in your house, for this you should take your husband’s handkerchief and tie a lemon in it and write your husband’s name in the cupboard. Keep it in your purse or keep it in your purse and after 8 days by chanting mantras throw that lemon at the crossroads, your husband will start obeying you and will be under your control.Most powerful vashikaran mantra in the world

Mantra:-Om Namo Kamakhya came from Devas to Mama Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha

:- If you want to control your husband, do a small remedy, take a small spoon of honey on Friday, close the name and small size photo of both husband and wife inside it and put that bottle on the bed. Press down by doing this, love is transmitted between husband and wife, happiness starts coming in life.


All the vashikaran mantras are proven and they should not be used for any improper work, otherwise, it is going to give painful results, its improper use will not prove your work, you may definitely get its bad results, so be careful before using it.

Remedies for desired marriage

:- If you love someone and you want to get married as per your wish, then every Friday you should go to Radha Krishna temple and chant mantras 108 times with true heart and offer garland of flowers to God and enjoy sugar candy. By doing this the obstacles coming in the marriage are removed and the desired marriage takes place soon.

Mantra:-Om Kli Namah (This is the Attraction Beej Mantra)

Clean Krishnay Gopijan Vallabhai Swaha
:- If you want to get married, then on every Friday, take a bath and wear clean clothes and sit in the temple of Radha Krishna and chant the mantras 108 times in front of the idol of Lord Krishna and Radha ji and put on red cloth on the idol of God. Offer and offer incense, lamp, flower sweets and chant mantras with sandalwood garland and use the red seat, your desired marriage will happen soon and Lord Krishna will fulfill all your wishes. mantra Om hi hi Saha Krishna Namah.Most powerful vashikaran mantra in the world Thank you.

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