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VASHIKARN mantras SPECIALIST in Punjab Amritsar +91-75290-07661

 VASHIKARN mantras SPECIALIST  +91-75290-07661   Aacharya Pandit Ajay Sharma  IN PUNJAB, AMRITSAR, USA, CANADA, NEW YORK, Expert  Vashikaran  mantras  famous astrologer  Ajay Sharma Ji

Due to their power to control the minds of individuals, Vashikaran mantras have been highly popular among the masses for long. When you are in love with someone but you do not see their love returned, it can be a bit depressing and disappointing. In these instances, you should practice your Vashikaran mantras in a prescribed method to alter the mind of the person and get them to become enthralled with you instantly. Here are the mantras for vashikaran for controlling males and ensuring success in your work. constantly chant the mantras in faith

Kamm the mantra of pitch to control male

Aim sah vallari, kleem kar the kleem the kaampishach (name for the individual) Swapane kaam grahay mam rupe nakhe, vidaray Dravay dravay, ed mahen the bandhay sree phatinstructions for:* Repeat the mantra multiples of 108 repetitions every throughout the 15 days. This mantra must be chanted at night, with towards the North direction, naked. If you keep repeating this mantra, you’ll see your loved ones arrive at your door. If your loved one comes to you, don’t reveal any surprises. Be normal and get ready for your wedding. It is also a devil’s mantra which is why this mantra is very risky if not chanted with discipline. 11)

Vashikaran mantra that works on your mind manly lover

“Kala kalua chausath veer, taal bhaagi torjahan ko bheju, vahi ko jaye, maas majja ko shabad ban jayeapna mara, aap dikhay, chalat baan maru, ulat mooth marumaar maar kalua, teri aas chaar,chaumukha deeya, maar baadi ki chaatiitna kaam mera na kare to tujhe mata ka doodh piya haram”


You can collect some dust from his left foot, without awareness of the person you cherish.Keep the dust with your hands and then energize it using the mantra, chanting the mantra seven times.You can then drop the energized dust over one’s head. Do this for the individual without their knowledge. The person will be becoming yours instantly and involuntarily.Be careful not to apply this mantra to influence someone who is in love with a different person.

Vashikaran mantra is to be used in conjunction along with cardamom to manage males

Om namoh kala kalua, kaali raatnish ki putli majhi raatkala kalua, ghaat baatsota/soti jo jagay laaobaitha/baithi ko uthaay laaokhada/khadi ko chalaay laaomohini yogini chal, raaj ki thaauamuk/amuki ke tan me chatpati Iagaaojiya le tod, jo koi elaichi hamari khavekabhi na chhoray hamare saathghar ko taje, baahar ko tajehame taj our kane jaaito chhaati phaat turant mar jaaisatya naam adesh guru kameri bhakti guru ki shaktiphuro mantra ishwaro vacha.


You can energize cardamom using this mantra, repeating 7 times.• Give the cardamom to someone you would like to bring to your attention. If this isn’t feasible to accomplish directly, you could incorporate it into the food that he eats. * You’ll see that the person becoming attracted to you and becoming in love with you quickly and voluntarily Aacharya Pandit Ajay Sharma.


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